Marian grew up in the 1950s when girls had to wear dresses to school, couldn't play Little League, and were expected to only marry and have children.  She grew up her own version of female in a male world, Jewish in a Christian town, female in a patriarchal religion, left-wing in a center to right town, an intuitive thinker in an analytic educational system, small in a tall world.  She has been an office worker, library worker, waitress, massage therapist, teacher, sculptor, songwriter, speech-giver, radio show host, Town Councilor, Buddhist meditator, animal rights advocate, nature lover, tree hugger, swimmer, Pickleball player, companion to her dog Pilar and cats Miles and Mouse, sister, friend, aunt.  A complicated life - one of wandering and sometimes being lost - translated now and then into poetry, songs, short stories, and essays.