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"These poems, stories and essays speak from the voice of one who is alive in the world.  Marian Kelner's intuitive connection to animals breathes a kind of broad attention into the rest of her reality, so what we encounter while reading is a life closely lived, with humor and poignancy, with a willingness to see, be seen, to be.  Such open-heartedness can give us all new courage."
           --Susie Patlove, author of Quickening
   "What a book!  I only read from start to finish if it's a mystery or action-filled-(and well written)-can't-put-it-down kind of book. How the @#%! did you write this one that had the same effect on me?!! and all in one sitting! Probably has something to do with the movement in it - real-person movement, action, drama, hope, disappointment, tears, laughter, independent-go-your-own-way-without-instructional-booklet-spontaneous-from-a-true-core type misbehaviour. loved it a lot. Thanks." Michael P.      

"I have been reading Marian Kelner's book of writings. I find her work quite touching. I especially like the little essays. They make me wish for a quieter life, closer to the natural world...Since I'm continuing in the healing process, it remains very relevant." B.F. 

"I like the way your words flow onto the page so naturally, with such seeming effortlessness; I like your sense of humor and your quiet, genuine humility in the face of both nature's miracles and the human tendency to [mess] everything up......."
George D.